Saturday, 26 April 2014

LIFE | Anxiety and panic attacks.

I didn't know what to do for today's post, as I've been pretty busy with school work and revising for my exams, which are coming up way too soon (like two weeks). So I thought as I haven't spoken an awful lot about myself since starting this blog, that I would talk about something close to my heart. It's something that I'm sure a lot of you have either dealt with personally or been close to someone who has. I'm hoping that writing this knowing that I have suffered with anxiety will help any of you, as you can see how I stay positive and that you’re not alone.

I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. For those of you who might not know what it means basically anxiety is a feeling of worry, for me I find it easy to describe it as feeling unsettled, insecure and unsafe. These feelings can lead to further panic. I think pretty much everyone feels anxiety because it’s just a normal emotion to feel but some people have larger amounts of anxiety and often feel anxious when there's nothing to be anxious about. As I mentioned, I also suffer with panic attacks, I don't know if these are normal actions for quite a lot of anxiety sufferers but for me they are. A panic attack is a sudden rush of adrenaline which is usually caused by an uncontrollable level of anxiety. For me these happen mostly at night, before I go to sleep so everything is going through my mind and I can't stop being anxious but I do also get feelings of panic attacks throughout the day, I just find during the day at school they are easier to try and forget about.

However, the scariest part for me was not talking to anyone about it properly and although I knew that I wasn't the only one, I still felt totally isolated and like I was crazy and not normal. It has ruined my self esteem but as I've never been the most socially confident person, this wasn't too different. Just over a year ago, when I was about 14 this is when my anxiety was properly diagnosed and although I'd noticed some signs before, this was when I knew I needed to see someone about it. So I did. I don't want to go into too much detail, because to be honest I don't remember much of how I felt with anxiety when it was first diagnosed. 

I just want to write this blog post purely to help those of you who feel the same or have similar issues and maybe help you to think positively. This year, my anxiety has gotten better, I still get extremely anxious but in particular my panic attacks have been less frequent and I haven't found myself getting so anxious before sleeping, meaning I've been getting better nights sleep. But as I said last year with being a 'newbie' to the whole world of feeling abnormally anxious, I was suffering with anxiety quite badly and it was making my everyday life in school particularly very difficult. I would just worry about every single thing, I'd come home and just feel so weak and not my old self. I wanted to briefly talk about my story of anxiety to try and give some of you who may be at your lowest point some hope. So last year, I was really struggling with my anxiety on a daily basis and it was stopping me doing things I would usually enjoy doing. I was making every decision based around my anxiety.

The one thing I would suggest to any of you out there who are suffering, don't suffer alone. Go and see a hypnotherapist, they are trained and they (believe it or not!) do know how you're feeling and they can totally relate to you. Just don't be afraid, I am a bit of a hypocrite saying this to be honest because I haven't been to see anyone since I was diagnosed. I know it's bad and I should, but do think somehow my brain is doing something to calm down all my anxious thoughts. I want to let those of you know who are in a low place or have been that you can easily get back to a good place again. I have learnt to be anxious from a young age (not on purpose, of course) and I have tried to teach myself recently a different way of thinking and new ways to think past all my anxieties. I do still have many ups and downs, but I'm much more balanced, safe and secure.

Suffering with anxiety isn't easy, it's not a fashionable thing. It's actually a serious and very common problem that many people face. If you are struggling with anxiety please do try and tell someone whoever it may be. Just please don’t feel alone. I want to share with you all a few things that I find help to give me a bit of space and reassurance when I’m feeling anxious. 

1. I tend to ask myself what I'm worrying about then I answer it and if I'm still feeling anxious after saying what I think has made me anxious then I ask myself again and again until I feel better.

2. I always remind myself that this is an emotional state. It's not something that lasts forever, in a matter of minutes I'll feel better.
3. I do simple things like having a bath or shower so I feel relaxed. I try to value the time I have with myself  when I feel anxious because it's really important.

4. I think music is a good relaxant, it can really change my mood and help me think more positively. It doesn't have to be anything in particular, just your 'feel good' songs.

I know I said that I wouldn't say too much in this post but I like to express my feelings. If this post helps anyone, I will be over the moon but even if you just enjoy reading it then that's good enough. Although I'm not sure how all this writing will help!

Thank you for reading, do leave any questions you may have below. Also let me know if you want anymore posts surrounding this same topic..
Much Love, Kiera x


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wishlist #1 | Beauty & Fashion

The whole skort trend has been going around for a while now and this has been on my wishlist for quite some time. However as the supposedly warmer seasons are coming up, skorts are going to be such a perfectly practical piece to wear effortlessly for both day and night. I know I most definitely would be pairing them with a plain white cami and some bright pinky coral flats or sandals.
Topshop brought out their new collection of makeup a few months back and ever since they did this is the one blush that I have been eyeing up. You can probably see why, it's freaking gorgeous! The colour is the perfect all rounder as it's pink but with the right amount of mauvey tones also it's not the typical spring coral blush. Personally I think this would suit all skin tones but especially the lighter skinned of us as lighter shades of pinks and peach tend to suit us.
              3. Topshop Lattice Waist Florence Dress
When I saw this dress I instantly fell in love because well what's not to love? It's so simple and of course it's a timeless little black dress, this is one of those dresses that is so versatile because it's the classic skater shape so it can be dressed up and down in so many different ways. I would love to style this with a denim jacket or a floaty kimono.
I've wanted a cardigan like this for so long now, I love the 'salt and pepper' textured effect as it would just add a little bit more interest to any outfit. The slouchy style of this cardigan just creates a relaxed feel.
            5.  Topshop Hyper Blue Wash Joni Jeans
I already have one pair of Joni jeans, I love them but I couldn't get my normal size of a W2834 because I found that these jeans in particular came up extremely tight in the leg so they were a bit uncomfortable in that area. However, I love this colour because they are more interesting and they are a brighter blue which is perfect for the upcoming seasons.
                                      6. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia/ Mont Blanc
Every other Youtube video I watch includes this foundation, I've heard so many good things about it and it literally seems like the perfect foundation for me as I love a light to medium but dewy coverage. This is definitely going to be top of my birthday list.
I love this shirt, I think it's actually sold out on the Miss Selfridge website at the moment but I still want to get my hands on it. It's the perfect shirt for me as it still includes the dark background but also has the added bonus of the pop of colour with the flowers.
         8. L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer
Again, this is another one that I've heard a lot about on Youtube, I'm really curious to try a primer and this one looks and sounds amazing. I always see it when I go into Boots but for some reason I'm always too apprehensive to pick it up in case I hate it.
                     9. LoveMyBijoux Floral Mint Green Necklace
I heard about this amazing jewellery brand from Instagram (of all places), so I went onto their website and straight away I full on fell in love with this necklace. I think it was the fact that it is mint green but also it is just beautiful.
                                10. ASOS Placement Ombre Floral Bandeau Bikini Top
This is one of those items that I have been looking at for quite sometime and I still want it as much as I did when I first saw it. I love it, bandeau bikinis are lovely and the pattern and colours on this one is particularly amazing. I don't really like the bottoms that go with this so if I was to purchase this I'd need to wear some plain black bikini bottoms with it.
                11. Miss Selfridge White Sheer and Solid Top
I've always loved tops with that little feminine touch, this one has that as it has sheer stripes running down it. White is becoming a big colour for Spring/Summer so this would definitely be one to wear to fit in with the trend. I think this is also a really simple item that isn't too fussy so it's easy to style.
I have been looking for a bronzer for what feels like forever, I know about so many different ones but when I've swatched them they look way to orange and dark for my skin tone. So when I came across this one from Topshop, I was super happy as it is a perfect light bronze shade. I need this, it's going to the top of my 'to buy asap' list.
This is my first wishlist, I hope to do several of these (I was thinking maybe I'll do them monthly) as I've always loved reading other blogger's wishlists just because they usually make me really lust after an item. Unfortunately I very rarely get the chance to buy the items on my ever growing wishlist because there really is a lot and I don't think I can quite justify the large impact it would have on my bank balance, no matter how beautiful and totally worth it the items are!
I have to admit this wishlist has a rather large haul of items on, but with my birthday coming up quite soon this was a fitting post to do. Over the past few months I've really been loving the new trends coming in for spring and summer, even though I'm usually a monochrome kind of girl some of this seasons colours are actually quite me. However as always I've also been finding lots of beauty products that I long to buy and really want to get my hands on but sadly can't afford (sigh). The products featured in this wishlist I am in doubt that I will actually get my hands on but if I do, I will be a very happy girl.
I hope you enjoyed reading about the items I am currently wishing over and I hope it has made you want to go out and buy them (sorry!) If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below, also if you just want to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

Much Love, Kiera x

Friday, 18 April 2014

My Spring Beauty Picks

Try and ignore the fact that my photography skills are rather shoddy (well lack of skills!) But this is my first proper post and I promise they will improve.

As the sun is starting to shine, I thought although it's meant to have been spring for a while now, it
was time to share some of my go to products for this season. Personally, spring is probably my favourite season not only is it when my birthday falls but it's just a lovely time of the year, when all the pastel colours (mint green!) are in fashion and lots of beautiful flowers are beginning to grow outside.

For me spring is all about a light and dewy complexion, bright but natural eyes and a pop of colour. So that will show throughout this post.

First up are two of my new favourite skincare products. When it comes to my skin, I hate having to
fuss around with a whole load of different products. Instead, I love using really simple and easy to use but effective ones. So recently I spotted these moisturisers in Superdrug, I'd heard a lot about their 'Vitamin E' range so I was really eager to try these. As I have combination skin it's usually pretty hard to get simple and affordable moisturisers that don't make my skin too oily but add just the right amount of moisture. However these work, really well!

Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream - £2.99

Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream - £2.99

Next up is a nail varnish, not just any nail varnish but a pastel coloured one! When Barry M came out with their 'Gelly Hi-Shine' nail paints, I was really excited to try them and I'm glad I did. It's such an easy to apply nail colour and the colour is really pretty. I love how it looks on the nails as it's got a gel finish which looks really glossy and is perfect for spring.

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish in Prickly Pear- £3.99

I don't really wear lipstick that often. I know, call me crazy! When I do I prefer light and fresh pink shades that just add a slight sheen of colour on the lips. That's why I love this one, it's definitely a buildable lipstick but it looks lovely whether it's just a sheer coat or it's built up. When swatched it does look fairly pink and rather like a 'Barbie' pink but when I wear it by just applying a light amount it creates such a lovely 'my lips but better' shade.

Natural Collection Lipstick in Sweet Pea (I don't think they sell these anymore, well at least not online anyway)

When it comes to my lashes, I love them long! Unfortunately I'm not blessed with lovely, long lashes so instead I have to fake them. So finding a mascara that lengthens them really well without clumping and too much volume is a must for me. For spring I don't like to wear too much eye makeup so a light formula is also a must. The 'Masterpiece' mascara is my favourite mascara by far for this time of the year.

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara in Black- £9.99

As I said a pop of colour is what spring is about. I love adding that colour by using a blush, when I use blush in the spring I love using the pale pinks and peaches. I use the smallest amount of blush with a buffing or blush brush to create a flush of colour on the cheeks. This blush from MUA features several different shades of light corally pinks which look lovely when used individually or all swirled together.

MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose- £2.50

I don't tend to wear eyeshadow but when I do I always gravitate towards the neutral colours. I find that they create such a natural and classic look. As I long for just one of the 'NAKED' palettes, I have to settle for something a little more affordable. And MUA do that perfectly! The 'Undress Me Too' palette includes 12 shades for any look. I think this is perfect for spring, as it looks pretty on the eyes but it doesn't distract away from any colour elsewhere.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette - £4.00

I love lighter coverage foundations all year round but especially as it starts to get warmer. I first discovered the 'Wake Me Up' foundation a few summers ago and I just couldn't put it down. I wore it pretty much everyday because it gave me such a lovely glow and also just the right amount of coverage. Some people have said that the tiny specks of glitter in it really show up and can look a bit disco ball-ish but I don't personally see that when I use this foundation. This foundation is one that I like to reach for on those days when perhaps my skin is having a good day and I don't have many angry blemishes. It is such a smooth foundation that is also really hydrating and brightening. The perfect base for spring.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain- £8.99

Finally, my last pick for the spring is a concealer. Not just any concealer but a CC eye cream/concealer, I love this stuff it is such a lovely light consistency, it corrects colour so well and it also brightens those pesky under eye circles! I found that not only did it do wonders for the under eye area but it also corrected redness and discolouration around my blemishes when it was applied lightly. The only thing I would say about this is it runs out super quick and the packaging isn't the most practical. 

Hopefully this post has been helpful and interesting as I gave you an insight into my spring make up bag. If you have any questions about any of the products feel free to leave them down below, also if you've tried any of the products mentioned let me know your opinions, I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love, Kiera x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A warm welcome.

I really don't know how to start this. It's all fairly new to me but I've wanted to start a little blog for quite some time now. I've always dreamt of writing something like this and sharing my opinions with others who understand my passions for both beauty and fashion.

I guess just a brief little introduction to myself and this blog would be good to start. So my name is Kiera, I'm 15 years old. I don't have many interesting hobbies but of course as I mentioned I have a huge passion for fashion and beauty. Over the past few years I've really began to love the blogging and YouTube community, I just think it's an amazing opportunity for people to get their voices heard.

As I've always had an interest in becoming a journalist from a young age I thought creating this blog would be the perfect start. This blog will mainly consist of posts on fashion and beauty but also I may feature the odd lifestyle and personal post now and again, I know I enjoy reading those kind of things anyway!

I know this hasn't been the most creative post but I promise the ones to come will be. So do feel free to leave comments with requests of ideas for future posts or just with questions and kind words of encouragement, I will happily respond to all of them.

Much love, Kiera x